Credit: Facebook/Slater Moore Photography

Sharks are often seen as the top predators in the ocean, but these killer whales are reminding us why they’re a creature to be reckoned with.

Earlier in the week, video captured by Slater Moore Photography and posted to Monteray Bay Whale Watch shows offshore killer whales feeding on what the company believed to be a Sevengill shark. According to the photographer, this type of killer whale is typically smaller than other types of killer whales are not typically seen in the area.

According to Katlyn Taylor, a marine biologist on the boat with Slater Moore Photography, the whales brought up the entire shark as it continued to wiggle around. While it was a worthy adversary, the young shark proved to be no match for the whales and became and inevitable meal.

While offshore killer whales are known to enjoy eating sharks, actually catching them in the act is rare. Amazingly, another drone video captured this week by Eric Martin shows a similar scene. Martin captured the sight off the shore of Long Beach, California.

Footage like this is rare because offshore killer whales are usually seen much further…offshore. Martin’s footage shows the adult female whale seemingly carry a blue shark on its fin as other individuals follow closely behind.

Transient killer whales are more typical visitors of the area. This ecotype of whale mainly eat other mammals and leave the shark-eating to the offshore whale.