I’ve had my run-ins with snakes, including the venomous kind. In fact, as a wildlife photographer, I actively seek them out.

However, in all of my snake hunts, I have never seen a snake eating another snake.

Not that it doesn’t happen. Some snakes such as the eastern kingsnake exclusively eat other snakes. Even so, it’s fairly rare to witness the act.

Reddit user HundredPacer submitted this image of an eastern kingsnake eating a venomous eastern copperhead to the subreddit r/snakes.


However, the eastern kingsnake has an unfair advantage: it may be nonvenomous, but it’s immune to other snakes’ venom.


So what happens when two evenly matched snakes go head-to-head? One venomous snake vs another venomous snake, and neither are immune to each others venom.

Watch the video below to find out…