It’s not just humans suffering from the devastating effects of Hurricane Harvey — local wildlife continues to struggle as well.

Countless alligators, snakes, bats, and companion animals, just to name a few, are fighting an upstream battle.

Officials have encouraged residents to stay out of the rising swampy waters to avoid any potentially harmful interactions.

Just ask Arlene Gonzalez of Houston; two submerged dark figures in her flooded lawn turned out to be alligators. “The shock of seeing your backyard underwater and two alligators! Surreal,” she exclaimed to Inside Edition. She had gotten used to seeing baby alligators she said, but to witness 2 grown adults in her yard was something else.

Animal-loving citizen Alicia Plunkett, however, sought out wildlife on purpose. Here she is rescuing drowning bats that had fallen into the water as flood water reached the tops of bridges:

Meanwhile, fire ants are fending for themselves by creating impressive giant flotillas.

Image: Reddit

This resourceful hawk jumped into taxi driver William Bruso’s passenger seat. “It was a very cool experience,” Bruso told The New York Post. “I felt very honored that [the hawk] chose to hunker down with me — and was so well-behaved, better behaved than my cousins who come here and wreak havoc.” The hawk didn’t want to leave, and was eventually rescued by wildlife experts.

Fish made these folks’ home their home:

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