Snake Finds Bird’s Nest While Mother Away

Snake Finds Bird’s Nest While Mother Away


Nature can be cruel, as this robin found out when she left her eggs unattended presumably to search for food.

Wildlife enthusiast Tan Nguyen had set up a GoPro to record the brilliant blue eggs hatching, but an intruder found out about the nest before that could happen! This video captures the devastating moment when a hungry snake discovers the unprotected eggs.

The eggs' last moment...
The eggs’ last moment…

Nguyen explained that he initially had placed his camera up near the nest when he discovered it in his front yard.

He wrote that he “Was hoping to see the eggs hatch but instead this happened…”

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Just moments after the robin flies away, the sneaky reptile can be seen slithering into the nest. The snake makes quick work of the eggs, devouring all four in just a matter of minutes. Just goes to show that you should never count your eggs to hatch!

Snakes are known for preying on the eggs of other animals, with some species like the Indian and African egg-eater feeding exclusively on them using special adaptations inside their esophagus to crush through the shells. But it’s rare to see the moment actually captured up close on camera.