Shark Found In Florida Pool

Some people have an irrational fear of sharks in swimming pools. But might they be justified after hearing about this?


Nicole Bonk was visiting friends at a condo in Hypoluxo when she spotted the 5 foot blacktip shark swimming around the condo’s shared pool. The shark is a native to Florida’s waterways.

She told the Sun Sentinel that she spotted two young men dump the shark in to the pool with hooks still in its mouth. That’s when Bonk and her husband jumped into action and brought the shark and released it into the Intracoastal Waterway. Before fully releasing it, Bonk’s husband attempted to shake any remaining chlorine that might still be in its gills.

But the prank may have been deadly. Between the chlorine in the pool, being out of the water for so long, the trauma of bringing it back to the ocean and who knows what else before being dumped in the pool, there are doubts that the shark was able to take it.

“We tried to revive him but he mostly likely did not live,” Bonk told the Setinel. “He was barely moving after the trauma. We did our best to try to save this creature.”

Bonk contacted the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission and they are investigating the situation.