Endangered Sea Turtle Rescued By Cops

There has been some not so great news of human-animal interactions lately. So it’s nice to see something like this, aka humans actually helping animals.

Jacksonville Sheriff's Office/Facebook
Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office/Facebook

When an endangered leatherback sea turtle found itself tangled in a crab pot, the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office came to the rescue. After about a minute of maneuvering, the sea turtle is freed and glides back into the ocean.

Leatherback Sea Turtle Saved From Crab Trap By JSO Officers

Leatherback Sea Turtle Saved From Crab Trap By JSO OfficersJacksonville Sheriff's Office Lieutenant Steve Mullen and Officer Brad Smith were off shore two miles out in front of Hanna Park around 1:00 p.m. today. They observed a nine foot Leatherback Sea Turtle in distress. The sea turtle had become entangled in a crab trap. The trap's rope was looped around the sea turtle's neck, and the buoy was still attached to the trap. As a result, whenever the turtle tried to dive, the rope tightened around its neck. Lt. Steve Mullen was able to disentangle the distressed turtle from the crab trap while keeping the turtle in the water.Great job Lt. Mullen and Officer Smith! Even off duty, saving lives!^MB

Posted by Jacksonville Sheriff's Office on Monday, February 22, 2016