A red velvet mite. Photo by Ton Rulkens.

Red velvet mites are pretty romantic, especially for insects.

Also known as rain bugs, these arachnids are found in almost every habitat in the world. In traditional Indian culture, the oil from red velvet mites is said to increase sexual desire, hence it’s “Indian Viagra” nickname.

The males go through a lot of trouble to make some romance of their own. They meticulously work to make their bachelor pad a welcoming environment for their female companions.

Image: Wikimedia Commons

Noted scientists have referred to the love life of the red velvet mite as “not to be missed.” Males arrange their sperm in an organized area on twigs and grass, which researcher have actually deemed a “love garden.” And that’s not even it when it comes to their romance prep.

Once the area is set up, they attempt to lure females using a silk trail that outlines a path to their love garden.

But all is fair in love and war … and red velvet mites. If a rival male encounters another mite’s love garden, they will destroy and then claim the area as their own.

These rival mites will scatter their own sperm around the joint, making it possible that passing females will fertilize themselves with sperm other than the original love garden builder.

It’s pretty tough out there for a red velvet mite.

Thanks to the Bug Lady for sharing this info!