Either these monitor lizards are trying out for WWE or they just have some bad blood between them.

Either way, they had no problem battling it out in a busy street.

In a video captured and uploaded to YouTube by Suhanesh Madav, two monitor lizards go at it in an epic battle that does on for at least 3 minutes.

The two aspiring wrestlers are completely unphased by their spectators in the street. They’re possibly even more unphased by the cars driving past and the motorcycles that beep as they go by.


Nope, they just continue their battle, which at times looks like a dance-fight hybrid. As they roll back and forth, they go from “standing” straight up and balancing on their powerful tails to tumbling back to the ground.

It definitely looks like an even fight for a majority of the fight, and unfortunately the video ends before the fight is over.


It looks like we’ll have to call it a tie between these two.