When Lions Take Risks on Colossal Prey

Lions are the apex predators on the continent of Africa and consequently have access to the largest selection of prey.

But not all prey is created equal. Africa is filled with some of the planet’s last remaining megafauna such as the African bush elephant and the giraffe, which are the largest and tallest terrestrial mammals on Earth, respectively. These massive mammals weigh several times more than the smaller, lighter felines and tower in height above them, making for difficult prey.

Watch the clip below that displays the moment a daring lioness makes a last-ditch attempt to slay an adult giraffe:

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Nevertheless, while elephants and giraffes are both large and dangerous animals to reckon with, they are certainly not off-limits, especially when lions are desperate for food.

In South Africa’s Kruger National Park, lions regularly feed on giraffes for dinner.

Image: Batra

Similarly, lions are not against preying upon elephants, although they’ll often leave fully grown elephants alone.

Younger, smaller elephants are generally easier targets, but they can still be rather difficult to overpower.

While elephants have a size advantage, lions hunt in prides, giving them an advantage of numbers. Watch a pride of lions take down a young elephant in the BBC video below.