Bobcats Spotted in Most Unusual Places

Bobcats Spotted in Most Unusual Places


It is unusual to see a bobcat in the wild, as they are masters of stealth. However, sometimes America’s most elusive wild cat is spotted in some most unusual situations.

Take for example this amazing photo below of a bobcat carrying a recently caught shark in its mouth.

Photo by John Bailey

The Florida agency’s Facebook page says the shark was likely an adult Atlantic sharpnose (Rhizoprionodon terraenovae).

Bobcats will generally avoid water, but if the opportunity presents itself they will venture into the sea in search of food, or to avoid predators.

It is rare to see them deeper than the shore. However, in the video above one such rare sighting was caught on camera…

Two brothers were cruising on Lake Lanier in Georgia when they came across a very unique sight — the most elusive cat in America swimming in the middle of a lake.

The bobcat was spotted swimming across the wide section of Lake Lanier in Georgia, allowing the boaters to get some unique footage of the feline. Since the animal was very close to their boat, they stayed nearby to make sure no other boats accidentally ran into the mysterious predator.

Bobcats are smaller than cougars but larger than domestic cats. This average-sized bobcat is three feet in length and 20 pounds in weight.

The Bobcat on the shore gazes back at the camera.
The Bobcat on the shore gazes back at the camera.

Seeing a bobcat crossing a wide lake like this is a rare sight; The animals are known to avoid water if possible, preferring to roam the land and climb trees. However, they are one of the few cat species that will wade and swim if necessary. They have even been documented hunting beavers in shallow waters!

The bobcat made it to land safely, and swiftly vanished into the woods after giving the brothers on the boat a quick glance goodbye.

This isn’t the first time a bobcat has been spotted by people on a boat. Remember this?

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