Here at Roaring Earth, we write a lot about animal attacks, such as a great white shark attacking an inflatable boat, and weird and scary animals, such as the scariest spider on planet Earth. However, we have a sensitive side as well, and like 99% of the internet, we have a soft spot for cute animals.

We especially love owls. Of all cute animals, owls are up there in the top ten. They have those sparkling, beady little eyes and those soft, fluffy feathers. They’re pretty irresistible. Just check out this video and see if you can keep your head above the floodwaters of cuteness:

But looks aren’t the only features that make owls amazing. Because most owls hunt in the quiet of night, they have evolved to hunt in the darkness and reduce their noise output, so they can locate potential prey and approach it without spooking it.

As you will first notice, owls have large eyes–the most frontally placed of all birds–that grant them a wider field of view and better sight in the blackness. They also possess flight feathers with serrated edges, which help them to fly slowly and silently. Additionally, they can turn their heads approximately 270°, allowing them to look behind themselves without turning around their whole body.