Two of the most famously feared predators in Africa are lions and crocodiles. On land, the lions are kings of the savanna, and in the water, crocodiles are kings of the rivers. But, given that both of these fearsome predators often share habitat, what happens when they meet? Would the lions pummel the crocodiles on land, or would the crocodiles death-drag the lions to their doom?

When these foes meet, expect the unexpected.

Lions generally do not worry about crocodiles, as they reign supreme on land and only need to go near the water for a drink. A crocodile on dry land doesn’t stand much of a chance against a hungry lion.

Crocodiles will not back down, however, and will attempt to chomp down on anything that crosses their path, even if outmatched.


Although supreme on land, lions may find themselves forced into crossing rivers, especially during the rainy season. This is when the king of the jungle must go on defense.

Image: YouTube

The video above shows what happened in one such instance. In the rare footage we witness a young male lion crossing the Sabie River when a crocodile suddenly decides to attack.

This footage was taken on the H10 bridge near Lower Sabie in the Kruger National Park in South Africa. A special thanks goes out to our partners at Latest Sightings.