Top 5 Cute Animals… That Could Kill You

Top 5 Cute Animals… That Could Kill You

In most instances, you can get a good idea of whether or not an animal can kill you just by looking at it. Look at a tiger baring its teeth or the cold...

MaxAnimal – Lick Your Chops! 00:27

MaxAnimal – Lick Your Chops!

Welcome to MaxAnimal! The newest and craziest wildlife clips on the web. New videos every week. Subscribe and stay up-to-date. The weirdest animals on the planet. For all your animal needs take a...

Raccoon Eats at the Dinner Table 01:38

Raccoon Eats at the Dinner Table

This cute raccoon isn't as innocent as he seems! Check out the bandit raccoon who's had enough of digging through trashcans and wants a seat at your dinner table. Guess who's coming to...

Ape Smacks Around Tiger Cubs 01:27

Ape Smacks Around Tiger Cubs

When two young tiger cubs approach a clearing in the jungle, a tough-guy monkey decides to teach them a lesson. The monkey challenges the tigers ("Come at me bro!") and proceeds to troll...

Imagine What Animals See 01:09

Imagine What Animals See

There are a lot of different types of eyes out there, and animals see the world in all sorts of ways. Humans see by light focusing light onto the retina. Millions...

Vampiric Squid . . . Kill it with Fire! 01:25

Vampiric Squid . . . Kill it with Fire!

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