Black mambas have quite the interesting way of subduing their opponents.

During mating season, rival males will attempt to overpower their opponents by raising their heads as high as possible and twisting around one other, trying to slam the other into the ground. Sometimes mistaken for mating, these snakes are actually fighting over the chance to mate.


Black mambas are native to South and East Africa’s savannahs and woodlands, highly aggressive (when threatened), and venomous. Their name comes from the jet-black interiors of their mouths.

mamba mouth

Their venom is highly toxic, capable of killing a human within 7 to 15 hours. Due to this and in addition to their highly aggressive nature, the black mamba is considered by some to be the deadliest snake in the world, attributing to their bite’s reference as “the kiss of death”.

These snakes are ambush predators known for their speedy pursuits of prey over short distances, a characteristic that distinguishes them from many other species. Black mambas may be the fastest snakes on earth, and although they have few natural predators, these snakes perform unique battles within their own species.

When threatened, the black mamba reveals the shiny black interior of its mouth and fangs. It is capable of delivering a substantial number of bites in quick succession. These snakes primarily feed on small mammals and birds, although they have been found with even larger fully-grown animals inside their stomachs.