Have you ever seen a deer swim?

Deer take to water to flee from danger if possible. When a hunter’s gunshot spooks this family of deer, a young fawn swims out too far deep into this lake. The terrified fawn cry out for its mother. Luckily, some kind folks on a boat were there to save the day.

deer thumb 4

While deer are generally great swimmers, this inexperienced fawn began to suffer from exhaustion halfway across the lake. That’s when these folks realized what they needed to do…


Tampering with wildlife can be very dangerous both for you and the wild animals. Luckily, neither the deer nor the rescuers were injured in this rare encounter.

While these folks work to save a deer, many hunters are trying to do the opposite. Deer overpopulation is a real problem in certain parts of the US. Deer overpopulation has caused increased deer hunting. An absence of natural predators like wolves, coyotes and bobcats has allowed deer populations to grow to near catastrophic numbers.

Deer overpopulation has resulted in various problems such a huge increase in the number cases of Lyme disease, tens of thousands of deer-vehicle collisions, and deforestation due to deer overbrowsing, causing the loss of natural habitat for various plants and birds. Deer populations continuing to grow unchecked could result in a total deer takeover, threatening the very fabric of our civilization. Deer cause the highest number of damage out of any animal in North America. According to a study done by the State Farm insurance Company, a driver has a one-in-169 chance of hitting a deer within the next year. According to the same study, the average cost of a deer collision is $3,888. Luckily for these people, this young deer did not cause anyone any damage… yet.

Watch the amazing rescue in the video below: