Baby Bison Saved from Wolf Attack Just In Time

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This amazing footage reveals the moment a baby buffalo got separated from its herd and ends up face-to-face with a hungry wolf.

Wait for the end of the video to see how the calf made it out alive – with a little help that arrived in the nick of time…

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This is the showdown between two of Yellowstone’s most famous species. The wolves and American bison of Yellowstone often cross paths, but this interaction is definitely one of the most amazing ever caught on camera. This is the real wild side of North America.

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The bison herd continually moves as a single unit in the never ending search for new grazing territory.

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When the herd tries to cross a river, the current is too much for the small calf. The youngster gets pulled downstream, away from the herd, and ends up stranded on a small rocky island in the stream.

The mother continues on with the herd, not noticing the absence of her calf until it is too late.

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The lost calf ends up staying on the small island in the stream overnight. The herd is no where to be seen. But an uninvited guest smells easy prey…

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While the rest of the herd of bison continue on their endless search for grazing land, another Yellowstone native has picked up the scent of the calf. An isolated bison calf is easy prey for a hungry wolf.

Things do not look good for the youngster.

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But this wolf is clearly inexperienced and buckles when given the chance to make a swift kill. In what should be a quick bite to the jugular becomes a drawn out struggle, as the spry bison is able to deflect the wolf’s attack.

The wolf won’t relent, however. It doesn’t seem likely that the calf can handle this attack for too long…

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BUT WAIT! There is an unusual sound in the distance. What is it?

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The mother bison arrives on the scene just in time! A single wolf is no match for an angry mother bison defending her calf.

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Watch the dramatic finale of the classic battle of the beasts of Yellowstone in the video below…

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