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“NOTHING CAN STOP THE CLAW!” (Caption Contest Winners)

“NOTHING CAN STOP THE CLAW!” (Caption Contest Winners)

We posted the image above and asked our fans to post captions. Here are some of the highest voted responses: “He tried to warn you Helen!!”

Bobcat vs Mallard – Yellowstone 00:59

Bobcat vs Mallard – Yellowstone

This scene of a bobcat stalking a duck unfolded along the banks of the Madison River was filmed at Yellowstone National Park in late January. “To see the drama of life in its...

Mysterious Skeleton Discovered in Tunisia

Mysterious Skeleton Discovered in Tunisia

One of our fans sent us this image, telling us it was discovered in southern Tunisia. “No one knows what it is.” What is it? Let us know what you think. Thanks to...


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